Brand ambassador announcement Brand ambassador announcement

With a rich legacy spanning over five decades, PartyLite has always believed in looking at new, innovative ways to service our customers and empower our affiliates.

Fueled by a commitment to service today’s omni channel consumer, we are reshaping our approach to bringing the warmth and elegance of our products directly to the homes of existing and new customers by transforming into a dynamic direct-to-consumer business.

This evolution is not just a shift in strategy, but a testament to our brand's adaptability, and its dedication in delighting customers with thoughtfully curated products for the next half-century and beyond.

This transition in our business model marks the conclusion of the PartyLite Affiliate model in the United States and Canada. However, in its place emerges a thrilling opportunity to grow our business in different ways . We are excited to unveil a new, lucrative Brand Ambassador program, set to commence officially on March 1, 2024.

PartyLite is extending an exclusive invitation to all PartyLite Affiliates in the US and Canada with active accounts as of January 31, 2024. Our business is committed to nurturing and supporting this innovative program which introduces a distinctive opportunity for legacy PartyLite Affiliates.

We look forward to fostering a new era of collaboration and success with our dedicated Affiliates as valued members of this exciting new initiative.

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