Taper Candle Holders

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Love Taper Candles but not sure how to display them? Explore our taper candle holders to add a classical elegance to your home. Made from carved glass for a timeless look and versatile feel, these holders will fit perfectly into any interior style. These holders are suitable for use with PartyLite Taper Candles, Tealights, Large Tealights and also Pillar Candles. Add a gentle point of light with your chosen candle and taper holder or use as part of a display for a show-stopping centerpiece. View the whole range today.

  1. Tricolor Taper Holder Trio
    Tricolor Taper Holder Trio
  2. Simple Elegance Candle Holder
    Simple Elegance Candle Holder
  3. Elevated Candle Holder Centerpiece
    Elevated Candle Holder Centerpiece
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