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SmartScents by PartyLite™ Pink Guava Decorative Fragrance Sticks

Choose a flameless form that gives you quality, long lasting fragrance with aromatic blends designed by experts. These decorative fragrance sticks use rolled paper from sustainable sources, in a five pack with snappable design to use at home or on the go. Enjoy Pink Guava fragrance blends freshly blooming hibiscus and sunset blossoms with the sweeter notes of blushing nectarine and sugared guava.  

Pink Guava. Flameless Fragrance Sticks. Pack of 5. Fragrance for up to 30 days. Use 1-2 sticks to spread fragrance through a small area, or 3-5 for larger rooms. Use with our SmartScents or GoSmart™ Holders, sold separately. 9½" (24 cm) l.


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