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Clear Straight Sided Votive Candle Holder

A clear straight sided glass votive holder for PartyLite's unique décor pieces. This replacement part fits the following products: P91914 - Love Birds Votive Holder, P92594 - Enchanted Golden Leaves Votive Hurricane, P92644 - Golden Square Votive Pair, P92646 - Golden Frond Votive Holder Trio, P92665 - Grecian Votive Holder, P92815 - Woodland Fern Votive Trio, P92824 - Forest Leaves Votive Holder, P92939 - Spun Wire Votive Holder, P92950 - Sandwaves Votive Holder, P93044 - Garden Incense Spike Trio, P93141 - Halloween Kitty Votive Holder, P93193 - Mystic Glimmer Tree Votive Holder - Large, P93268 - Birdwatch Votive Holder, P93270 - Modern Impressions Votive Holder, P93279 - Garden Critters Incense Spike Trio, P93314 - Mosaic Harlequin Votive Holder, P93351 - Iridescent Blush Votive Holder, P93375 - Elevated Candle Holder Centerpiece, P93511 - Pine Cone Candle Holder Pair, P93535 - Advent Tree Candle Holder, P93544 - After Dark™ Candle Lamp, P93547 - Halloween Garden Incense Spike Pair, P93548 - Haunted Village Tealight/Votive Holder Trio, P93558 - Viridescent Votive Holder, P93561 - Deco Glam Candle Lamp, P93640 - Easter Egg Tealight/Votive Holder Trio, P93711 - BeBalanced Tealight Votive Holder, P93721 - Snowman Tealight/Votive Holder



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